Vecino Health Centers receives $2.6 million gift from philanthropist MacKenzie Scott

Houston — Dec. 11, 2023 — Vecino Health Centers, a private, nonprofit health care provider, today announced the receipt of a $2.6 million gift from philanthropist MacKenzie Scott through Yield Giving. The substantial one-time grant comes with no restrictions on its use, providing a significant boost to community-based health care in Houston.

“We appreciate this extraordinary and unrestricted support,” said Daniel Montez, CEO of Vecino Health Centers. “These funds will expedite our advancements in delivering high-quality community-based health care in the most cost-effective ways possible.”

Unrestricted funds are crucial to Vecino Health Centers’ and other nonprofit organizations’ financial stability and operational flexibility. These funds are not earmarked for specific programs or purposes and can be used at the discretion of the organization’s leadership. Vecino Health Centers plans to use this gift to implement initiatives for financial self-sustainability and future growth. 

“This donation will fortify the organization and enhance its long-term sustainability,” said David Webster, board chair of Vecino Health Centers and executive vice president of Bank of Houston. “It signifies a vote of confidence to the entire staff, and we are immensely grateful.”

A Federally Qualified Health Center, Vecino Health Centers operates under the principle that everyone deserves access to quality health care services. The organization provides health care services to nearly 12,000 patients from working families in northeast Houston through its two centers: Denver Harbor Family Health Center and Airline Children & Women’s Health Center. It extends its impact through behavioral health outreach initiatives conducted in association with local schools.

About Vecino Health Centers

Established in 1999, Vecino Health Centers is a private, nonprofit health care provider committed to delivering quality health services to Houston families. With a focus on efficiency and excellence, Vecino Health Centers is at the forefront of health services in northeast Houston, providing primary care, behavioral health and community health outreach programs. For more information, please visit