Maternity Care

Comprehensive prenatal and postnatal services in Northeast Houston.


Prenatal Visits

Health care for women during their pregnancy. It helps prevent complications and ensure a healthy pregnancy and birth.


Labor & Delivery

Childbirth experts at local hospitals provide care in partnership with Vecino.


Postnatal Services

Care and support for mother and baby immediately after birth.

Comprehensive maternity care

You don’t have to travel far to get some of Houston’s best and comprehensive maternity care.

Vecino Health Centers is proud to be recognized as of the highest-performing health centers nationwide for three consecutive years by the Health Resources and Services Administration.

Healthy Women → Healthy Families

A healthy pregnancy leads to a healthy birth

Prenatal care is the way to a safe and healthy delivery for both mom and baby. Babies born to mothers who do not get prenatal visits have a higher chance of being born with a low birth weight, which may cause health problems. In addition, the likelihood that a baby will die is higher if its mother has not had prenatal care.

Meet your prenatal and postnatal care team

Dr. Enjoli Benitez

Dr. Benitez leads the medical staff of Vecino Health Centers and is a Faculty Physician for the Houston Methodist Family Medicine Residency Program.

Dr. Irma Tamayo

Dr. Tamayo is an attending physician at Vecino Health Centers. Patients appreciate her ability to understand what they are going through and the time she takes to explain their issues.

Dr. Kaizeen Mody

An attending physician at Vecino Health Centers, Dr. Mody, has specialized training in obstetrics. She provides care to women before and during their pregnancy, delivery, and after birth and is the doctor for their babies.  

Leinny Villafan

Women’s Health Coordinator

Whether you’re pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant, Leinny is available to answer questions, schedule appointments, and help you get the care you need.