Amerigroup, Community Health Choice, Key Stone and Wellcare tour Vecino’s expansion

From left to right: Marisa Ponti-Vecino Health Centers; Leticia Carbajal- Amerigroup; Ivette Zuliani-Well Care; Vanessa Reyna-Amerigroup; Lisa Shen- Amerigroup; Mrs. Reyes-Vecino Health Centers; Daniel Montez-Vecino Health Centers; Brian Neal-Keystone; Juan Olivares-Vecino Health Centers; Claudia Garcia-Community Health Choice.

With the finishing touches nearly complete, we are eager to show off Vecino’s newly renovated and expanded Airline Children’s Clinic. And what better way to begin than by opening the doors to a group of important community health partners.

Vecino recently welcomed representatives from Amerigroup, Community Health Choice, Key Stone and Wellcare, four of Houston’s leading insurance providers and enrollment specialists. The group gathered for a visit, lunch and tour of the expanded pediatric services and facility.

Shared commitment to a healthy Houston

Meetings like this are a reminder of the synergy that happens when people who share a common goal come together to learn and connect. With a shared commitment to helping Houston’s working families access quality healthcare, there was a lot to talk about. Each partner brought a deep knowledge of the healthcare system in our community, and of the Medicare (Amerigroup, Keystone, and Welfare) and Medicaid (Community Health Choice) systems that serve as a lifeline for many Vecino patients.

Vecino continues growth and commitment to partnerships in 2018

CEO Daniel Montez shared details about Vecino Health Center’s new Family Clinic, opening in Aldine next year, as well as the new services and success of Vecino’s Denver Harbor Clinic and the impact of the partnership with Houston Methodist’s Family Medicine Residency Program.

It was a great opportunity to learn more about our partners, strengthen connections for referrals and enjoy the company of colleagues. Thanks to Amerigroup, Community Health Choice, Key Stone and Wellcare for a continued investment in the wellbeing of Houston residents.

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We look forward to welcoming more partners for tours of the newly renovated and expanded facility.

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