Ms. CaDavid is the Director of Program Development.  She leads Vecino’s efforts to increase capacity and enhance services via grant projects and program partnerships.  Ms. CaDavid brings to this position over 20 years of experience in the nonprofit sector managing, developing, and enhancing health and social services.

Education: Ms.CaDavid has an MA in Social Psychology & Nonprofit Leadership from the University of Houston-Victoria and a BS in Political Social Work & Economic Planning from the National University of Costa Rica.  She has certifications in Family Development from Cornell University, Asset Based Community Development from the ABCD Institute, Appreciative Inquiry from the AI Center, Youth Development from Rainbow Days, Outcome-based Program Evaluation from United Way, and Federal Grant Reviewer from the US Department of Health & Human Services.

Background: Ms. CaDavid joined Vecino in 2019.  She is the author of curricula and training modules in the areas of health promotion, social-emotional learning, and community development.  Her areas of expertise include non-medical drivers of health, integrated care, and collective impact for systems change.  Ms. CaDavid has a track record building partnerships to increase capacity in the community via collaborative efforts and multi-year grant projects.  As part of her volunteer work, she has been a board member of the Hispanic Health Coalition and the Texas Rural Leadership Program. Ms. CaDavid grew up in a missionary family, which gave her the opportunity to live in the three Americas; as a result, she has a paradoxical appreciation of both diversity and the common human experience across all types of borders.