Nurse Manager for Vecino receives honor: Gwendolyn “Peaches” Davis is a “Top Nurse in Houston”

If you ask Gwendolyn “Peaches” Davis’ colleagues what makes her a great nurse, they will tell you it’s her positive attitude and the thoughtful attention she gives patients. Her enthusiasm for nursing and her commitment to high standards in her profession is infectious.

Davis, Nurse Manager at Vecino’s Denver Harbor Family Clinic, was recently named a Top Nurse in Houston by the International Nurses Association. The distinction is highlighting nurses who demonstrate exceptional success and leadership in their profession. For Davis’ colleagues, this comes as no surprise.

“The honor is well deserved,” says Dr. Donald Briscoe, Vecino’s medical director. “We are very fortunate to have a nurse with Gwendolyn’s skills and experience in our organization.”

For her part, Davis recognizes the importance her profession plays in the lives of patients. “Nurses are constantly at the bedside, in the examination rooms, or right nearby,” she points out. “We have a huge impact on patient care.”

Davis has been with Vecino Health Centers for more than twelve years. Prior to this, she spent twenty-nine years at St. Joseph Hospital, where she worked in critical care, cardiac rehabilitation, admissions, and in the clinical decision unit. In 2015, she earned a Master’s Degree in Organizational Management and Leadership from Springfield College.

She is honored by the recognition. “Awards like this make me want to keep elevating the bar.”