Dr. Wade Engel brings significant experience as both public health provider and administrator to her role as Dental Director of Vecino Health Centers.


Dr. Wade received her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University Of Texas School Of Dentistry, Houston, and is a member of the National Network of Oral Health Access. After twelve years in private practice, she continued to explore her interest in public health through studies at the University of Houston–Clear Lake and the University Of Texas School Of Public Health.


Dr. Wade’s interest in public health programs led to a sixteen-year career in management of school-based health programs as Assistant Director of Community and Personal Health at the City of Houston Health Department, where she also provided dental clinical care.

Community dentistry has always been her primary interest because of the people. “At Vecino Health Centers we focus on the patient’s needs and work to make the experience as positive as possible,” she says. “Coming to work is a pleasure every day.”