Our hearts go out to Harvey victims. Our mission goes on.

A message from Daniel Montez, CEO of Vecino Health Centers.

The devastation of the past couple weeks has weighed heavily on all of us at Vecino Health Centers. But no matter how deep the waters get, the compassion of Houstonians runs deeper.

We hope you are staying strong through Harvey’s aftermath, and our hearts are with you. Eleven members of our Vecino family dealt with major damage, and some will be picking up the pieces for years to come. However, we are working together to support our family and our city through this difficult time.

Neither Denver Harbor Clinic nor Airline Children’s Clinic suffered major issues and both are back up and running to serve all who need compassion and care in this time.

This disaster truly brought out the best in our city’s people, and if you would like to make a donation to fuel our efforts as we help Houston recover, please click below to give today.

Stay safe, stay well, and thank you for your support,
Daniel Montez
CEO of Vecino Health Centers

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